The Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) has recently launched a three year project "Strengthening Research and Promoting Multi-level Dialogue for Trade normalization between India and Pakistan".


In keeping with the overall aim of improving trade and investment relations between India and Pakistan our endeavour is to catalyze and inform a more participatory policy debate through targeted and practical research and fostering multi-level dialogue platforms.
The main activities that this project will undertake are:
  • Research Papers–Create a knowledge base on relevant trade and investment issues for India and Pakistan..
  • Annual Trade Perception Survey-Assesses business perceptions in India and Pakistan on the extent of current impediments to India-Pakistan trade and the measures needed to improve the business environment.
  • Regional Chambers of Commerce Roundtable–Fosters dialogue with regional chambers of commerce in particular from border-states in both countries.
  • State-level Consultations with Chambers of Commerce- Informs industry in different states about the recent developments in  trade normalization process, address misconceptions, understand trade barriers  and provide information on trade opportunities with Pakistan.
  • Distinguished Lecture Series-Brings internationally renowned experts to put forward imaginative and creative perspectives on India-Pakistan trade normalization and liberalization to a wide audience.
  • Annual Conference-Annual high profile gathering of opinion leaders, policymakers, scholars and business persons from India and Pakistan.
  • Web Portal-Linked to the ICRIER website the web portal disseminates project activities and research publications. It also functions as one stop location for information on India-Pakistan trade and investment.
  • NewsletterA regular platform for concise policy oriented analysis and will provide information about the project activities.
    • Project Outcome Chain
    • Project Team
    • Dr. Nisha Taneja, Professor
    • Ms. Sanjana Joshi, Senior Consultant
    • Ms. Samridhi Bimal, Research Associate
    • Ms. Isha Dayal, Research Associate
    • Ms. Devyani Pande, Research Assistant
    • Ms. Vatsala Shreethi, Research Assistant