About Us

As part of its ongoing program on South Asia, ICRIER has for many years been actively engaged in assisting policy makers to take informed decisions on South Asian regional integration. A focus area on India-Pakistan trade was carved out in 2004 and the body of work generated through evidence-based policy-oriented analytical briefs contributed significantly to the breakthrough in the Commerce Secretary Level talks in 2011.

In 2012, ICRIER embarked on a multi-level program on India-Pakistan trade normalization that aimed at informing key stakeholders through targeted evidence based analysis and enhancing interface between policymakers, business persons and think tanks in the two countries thereby making the India-Pakistan trade normalisation policy process more participatory.

ICRIER’s work on India-Pakistan trade is underpinned by the following postulation:
Improved trade between India and Pakistan would mitigate the risks of conflict by increasing the opportunity costs for both countries, broaden their respective constituencies for peace and drive forward the development of intra-regional and trans-regional economic corridors that increase South Asia’s global competitiveness.

With multiple activities encompassing extensive stakeholder engagement and field studies to generate evidence based insightful analysis on a regular basis ICRIER’s India-Pakistan program has come to be widely appreciated and publically acknowledged.