Research Papers (2013-14)

The research studies on India-Pakistan trade for the year 2013-14 are underway and are based on the following themes:

1. Trade and Investment in Pharmaceuticals
2. Trade in Automobiles
3. Trade in Agriculture
4. Financial Mechanisms for Supporting Trade Transactions between India and Pakistan 
5. Challenges in the Establishment of Effective Communication Channels to Facilitate India-Pakistan Trade

Research Papers (2012-13)
    • Research studies conducted over the year 2012-13 as part of the project are as follows:

      1. 1. Normalizing India Pakistan Trade
      2. 2. Informal Flow of Merchandise from India – A Case for Pakistan
      3. 3. Trade Perception Survey
      4. 4. Quantifying the Gains from India Pakistan Trade Integration: A CGE Modeling Approach
      5. 5. Trade in Services between India and Pakistan
      6. 6. FDI in India: Prospects for Pakistan
      7. 7. FDI in Pakistan: Prospects for India
      8. 8. India Pakistan Bilateral Trade in Sports Goods Sector
      9. 9. Trade between India and Pakistan in Textiles
      10. 10. India-Pakistan Trade: An Analysis of Health Sector


      [Summary of Research Papers]