Issue 9: March 2015
a Investing Across the India-Pakistan Border
a India-Pakistan Cross Border SEZ
a Need for an Indian Trade Facilitation Committee
Issue 8: September 2014
a Three Suggestions for the 18th SAARC Summit
a ‘Geographical Indication Registration’ for Basmati Rice: Win-win for India and Pakistan
a Trade between India and Pakistan: Importance of Land Border Crossings
Issue 7: June 2014
a India-Pakistan Trade: Part of a Larger Scenario for Change in South Asia
    • India-Pakistan Trade Normalization Crucial for South Asian Integration
Issue 6: January 2014- Automobile Special
    • Normalizing India Pakistan Trade: Opening up the Automobile Sector in Pakistan
       Pakistan’s Trade with India: Case of Auto Sector in Pakistan
       Normalizing Automobile Trade between India and Pakistan: Concerns and Way Forward
      Issue 5: December 2013-Pharmaceutical Special
        • a Pharmaceutical Trade with India
            • Pharmaceuticals: A Positive Catalyst for Enhancing India-Pakistan Trade
        • Issue 4: September 2013-Agriculture Special
          a Trade in Agriculture with India: View from Pakistan
            • Allaying Agricultural Sector’s Concerns: Normalizing India-Pakistan Trade
        • Issue 3: June 2013
          a Expanding India-Pakistan Bilateral Trade in Goods
            • India-Pakistan Energy Cooperation: Rethinking Opportunities and Newer Approaches
          Issue 2: February 2013

          Textile and Clothing Industry in Pakistan

            • The Political Economy of Pakistan’s Trade with India
        • Issue 1: October 2012

          Liberalizing India-Pakistan Investment Flows

            • Pakistan’s FDI in India: Potential and Prospects